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Suge Knight Refuses to Testify Against Keefe D in Tupac Murder Case, Maintains Uncertainty About Shooter’s Identity


In a recent exclusive interview, Suge Knight expressed his surprise at the arrest of Duane “Keefe D” Davis in connection with the murder of Tupac Shakur. Despite being an eyewitness in the case, Suge stated that he would refuse to testify against Davis and rejected the belief that Davis’ late nephew, Orlando Anderson, was the shooter.

Suge Knight was present in the BMW on the night of the 1996 shooting in Las Vegas, during which both he and Tupac were shot. While Davis has confessed to various details in interviews and to the police, Suge made it clear that he would not speak ill of him.

Furthermore, Suge declared that prosecutors could not compel him to testify during Davis’ murder trial, emphasizing that he would not cooperate in revealing information about the case. Of the six individuals involved in the shooting, including four in the shooter’s car, Suge and Davis are the only two who are still alive.

Keefe D was arrested in Las Vegas last week after a grand jury indicted him for his alleged role in Tupac’s murder. Suge Knight expressed his surprise at the arrest and maintained his belief that Orlando Anderson was not the shooter. While Suge did not confirm or deny Keefe D’s involvement in the shooting, he suggested that Keefe D did not deserve to be incarcerated.

Keefe D has been vocal for years about his alleged connection to Tupac’s murder, giving interviews and even writing a book on the subject, which played a significant role in reigniting the investigation. Despite his own legal situation, Suge Knight expressed reluctance to wish prison time on anyone.

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