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Suspects Sentenced in A$AP Press Murder Case: Justice Served for Late Rapper


The tragic murder of A$AP Mob rapper A$AP Press, whose real name was Pressie Taylor Jr., in 2018, has finally seen justice served. The two suspects in the case, Chester Taylor (37) and Darius Hastings (37), have been sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for their involvement in the crime. Press survived the initial attack, which occurred in 2016 when he was shot in the head. However, he tragically succumbed to a fatal seizure caused by the injury.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Jr. announced the sentencing on Friday (September 8) and expressed his condolences, stating, “Chester Taylor and Darius Hastings shot and killed a young Harlemite with great ambitions, talent, and a bright future. Although Pressie Taylor Jr. miraculously survived the shooting in its initial aftermath, his life was forever changed. He made a valiant attempt at resuming his life and music career, but unfortunately, he succumbed to the effects of his serious injuries, depriving his family and community of a promising star. Thanks to the jury’s careful review of the evidence, both defendants were found to be responsible for his murder, and I hope that the sentences imposed today bring the victim’s family some form of peace.”

The loss of A$AP Press was deeply felt within the hip-hop community, and his memory continues to be honored. Recently, fellow A$AP Mob member A$AP Rocky was recognized with the Virgil Abloh Award in Harlem, where he fondly remembered how the late designer Virgil Abloh played a pivotal role in recognizing the value of A$AP Mob.

Speaking at the HFR 16th Annual Fashion Show & Style Awards held at the historic Apollo Theater, A$AP Rocky emphasized Abloh’s instrumental role in the collective’s early days. “Virgil discovered A$AP as a bunch of kids before I got my record deal and any of that. We wasn’t old enough to get into this club called Le Bain. We were sneaking in type s**t,” Rocky reminisced.

He continued, “Virgil peeped us, and unbeknownst to us, he was like, ‘Wait, y’all are those Harlem kids. The trendy ones.’ We were tripping like, ‘Wait, Virgil knows about us. The fashion world knows about us.’ A year later, I become A$AP Rocky. Virgil went on to design my first album cover and my first tour. It’s crazy because to be a trendsetter, it takes a lot of balls… The reason I can talk in front of y’all today is because of Harlem. Thank you, Harlem fashion, bro.”

As A$AP Press’s murderers face the consequences of their actions, the hip-hop community remembers and honors his legacy while continuing to celebrate the achievements and contributions of A$AP Mob to the genre and the culture as a whole.

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