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Terrell Owens Involved in Altercation During Pickup Basketball Game


Former NFL player Terrell Owens found himself in an altercation during a pickup basketball game, which escalated into a disturbing incident. Reports indicate that Owens, aged 49, was participating in a casual basketball match in the Calabasas area. During the game, a heated argument erupted between Owens and another player. Allegedly, the dispute didn’t end on the court, and the unnamed man involved chose to express his anger by intentionally driving his vehicle toward Owens, striking him in the knee.

Law enforcement sources shared with TMZ that Owens did not require immediate medical attention following the incident, but they have filed a report for assault with a deadly weapon. An investigation is underway, although no arrests have been made at this time.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Terrell Owens has been involved in a vehicular altercation. In August of the previous year, he faced accusations from a woman who claimed he nearly hit her with his car while speeding through their neighborhood. Owens denied the allegations and referred to the woman as a “Karen,” disputing her claims.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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