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Terrell Owens Involved in Pickup Basketball Game Altercation Resulting in Car Striking Incident


Terrell Owens, the former NFL star and well-known wide receiver, found himself in a terrifying situation after a seemingly harmless pickup basketball game turned violent. Reports suggest that Owens, aged 49, was participating in the game on the evening of October 16 in the Calabasas area. During the casual match, tensions escalated, leading to a heated verbal dispute between Owens and another player on the court. Subsequently, the unnamed individual, seemingly still agitated after the game, got behind the wheel of his vehicle and drove it directly at Terrell Owens, allegedly striking him in the knee.

Law enforcement authorities, as reported by TMZ, clarified that Owens did not require medical attention following the concerning incident. Nonetheless, they filed a report for assault with a deadly weapon, marking the start of an ongoing investigation. As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with the case.

This disconcerting altercation involving a car isn’t the first time Owens has been embroiled in a vehicular confrontation. In August of the previous year, a woman accused him of nearly hitting her with his car as he sped through their neighborhood. However, Owens countered her claims by labeling her as a “Karen” and asserting that her accusations were baseless.

Terrell Owens, a legendary yet controversial NFL wide receiver, is no stranger to off-the-field controversies and headlines. Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018 during his third year of eligibility, Owens began his NFL journey when he was selected in the third round of the NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers in 1996. Over the course of his illustrious career, he spent seven seasons with the 49ers, followed by stints with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, the Buffalo Bills, and the Cincinnati Bengals, concluding his NFL tenure.

Throughout his NFL career, Owens gained recognition not only for his athletic prowess but also for his remarkable touchdown celebrations, which often attracted fines from the NFL’s front office. More recently, Owens made headlines for his public feud with sports commentator Stephen A. Smith. While it remains unclear whether any sportsmanship issues played a role in the altercation during the pickup basketball game, Owens is fortunate not to have sustained more severe injuries.

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