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Teyana Taylor Responds Firmly to False TikTok Claims Amidst Cheating Rumors


Teyana Taylor, known for her no-nonsense attitude, took to social media to address a false TikTok video that claimed she overdosed on drugs due to her husband Iman Shumpert’s alleged infidelity. In a now-deleted post, she threatened legal action against the TikTok user and criticized the spread of the misleading story during Black History Month.

The TikTok video in question featured a reenactment of an unnamed singer, presumably Teyana, reacting to her husband’s appearance on “Dancing with the Stars.” The video suggested that the singer overdosed on drugs and ended up in the hospital. This narrative was based on a real-life incident where Teyana had shared a photo of herself in the emergency room after exhausting herself on tour.

Teyana was quick to shut down these claims, stating emphatically that no one could ever push her to use drugs or harm herself. She expressed her frustration that such baseless rumors were circulating, particularly during a month dedicated to celebrating Black history and resilience.

In her response, she urged people to focus on more critical issues, such as ongoing instances of police violence, the need for Black unity, and the protection of Black women. Teyana emphasized the importance of addressing these pressing concerns rather than giving credence to false stories.

The artist’s fiery response underscores her determination to protect her reputation and counteract harmful narratives, especially when they are rooted in untruths.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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