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Travis Scott and John McEnroe Engage in Heated Exchange Over Nike Collaboration


In a surprising turn of events, rapper Travis Scott and tennis legend John McEnroe found themselves in a heated argument during a Zoom call discussing their collaboration on Nike sneakers. The disagreement reportedly revolved around the name of the shoe, with McEnroe favoring “Cactus Mac” over Scott’s proposed “Cactus Jack.” The incident, captured in a video shared on social media, showcased a passionate exchange between the two.

The clip began with McEnroe expressing his frustration, yelling, “G******t, Travis!” and calling for a compromise. It became apparent that McEnroe was pushing for the line to be named Cactus Mac, leading to a clash of opinions. Scott calmly explained his perspective, stating, “Cactus Mac was never a thing,” but McEnroe insisted, “Come on, man! Show some respect! This is my shoe!”.

Despite Scott’s attempts to convey his reservations about the proposed name, emphasizing it felt off, McEnroe abruptly left the Zoom meeting, exclaiming, “Forget it!” Efforts from others on the call to bring him back were in vain, as McEnroe had already exited the discussion.

Social media users swiftly reacted to the exchange, with opinions ranging from skepticism about the authenticity of the argument to humorous observations about McEnroe’s intensity. Some fans suggested alternative names for the collaboration, while others speculated that the entire incident might be a promotional stunt.

The alleged meeting took place amid Travis Scott’s reported tax issues in California, where he is said to owe over $100,000 in back taxes. The collaboration between Scott and McEnroe was announced earlier this year, with Nike planning to reintroduce the tennis player’s 1984 signature sneaker, the Mac Attack.

The redesigned Mac Attack sneakers, available in classic black and white, maintain the original gray and black color scheme from the 1980s. Notably, Scott’s proposal for the name Cactus Jack aligns with his contemporary fashion brand, Cactus Jack. The Nike Attack sneaker incorporates iconic checkered details on the tongue and features a backward Nike check mark introduced by Scott in 2019.

While the exact date of the contentious meeting remains unknown, the collaboration has generated significant attention, and the sneakers are currently available for purchase on the Nike website, ranging from $120 to $140.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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