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Trey Songz’s Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Claims Singer Attempted a $200K Bribe


Trey Songz continues to face legal battles as a sexual assault lawsuit unfolds, with the alleged victim, Jauhara Jeffries, accusing the singer of attempting to bribe her with $200,000 to lie about the assault. Court documents obtained by Radar Online shed light on the ongoing legal dispute, which stems from an incident Jeffries claims took place at a Miami nightclub in 2021. Meanwhile, Songz and a witness named Mariah Thielen present a contrasting account of events, alleging that Jeffries tried to record Songz against his wishes, leading to his security escorting her away.

Thielen, testifying under oath, revealed that Jeffries’ attorney approached her after the incident and offered a substantial sum, ranging between $100,000 and $200,000, contingent upon the judgment awarded. The alleged motive behind this offer was to create a narrative that would unfavorably compare Songz to R. Kelly. With this testimonial evidence coming to light, Songz, through his attorney, is now seeking the dismissal of the entire lawsuit, pending a judge’s ruling on the motion.

However, this is not the only sexual assault case Trey Songz faces. In a separate lawsuit, a woman known as “Jane Doe” filed a complaint seeking $10 million in damages for sexual battery and assault. The incident allegedly occurred at a pool party in August 2013 at the Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut, where Songz allegedly grabbed and exposed her breast while she was attempting to take a picture with him. A video captured by a friend of the accuser, later obtained by TMZ, appears to show the incident taking place.

The lawsuit filed by Jane Doe also includes Kevin Liles, Atlantic Records, and Trey Songz’s production company as defendants, claiming negligence in their supervision of the artist and holding them accountable for his actions. The accuser’s attorney emphasized the need for transparency, accountability, and prioritization of safety over profits in the entertainment industry.

It should be noted that in both the Jeffries and Jane Doe cases, monetary demands were reportedly made by the alleged victims to settle the matters, which Songz declined. These ongoing legal battles bring to light the serious allegations surrounding Trey Songz and highlight the importance of addressing sexual assault and ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals attending events associated with artists.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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