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Tristan Thompson Granted Temporary Guardianship of Younger Brother After Mother’s Tragic Passing


Following the unexpected death of their mother, Tristan Thompson has been awarded temporary guardianship over his younger brother, Amari, who is currently unable to care for himself.

During a court hearing held on Wednesday, it was determined that the NBA player would assume the role of guardian for 17-year-old Amari. Tristan’s request for temporary guardianship was granted, and a hearing for permanent guardianship has been scheduled for November.

Tristan himself was not physically present in court for the hearing but was represented by his attorney via Zoom.

This development comes after Tristan filed for temporary guardianship a few weeks ago, and the outcome was anticipated as there were no objections, including from Amari’s father, Trevor Douglas Thompson. Tristan claimed that Trevor has been absent from Amari’s life, and Trevor did not receive notice of Wednesday’s proceeding due to his undisclosed whereabouts.

With Tristan now entrusted with Amari’s care, the issue of conservatorship will also be addressed as Amari approaches his 18th birthday. Given his mental and physical disabilities, Amari cannot independently care for himself, making Tristan’s guardianship crucial.

Tristan Thompson’s mother, Andrea, tragically passed away earlier this year, motivating Tristan to take legal steps to ensure his brother’s well-being. Amari has already been introduced to the Kardashian-Jenner family, and it is expected that Tristan will continue to receive their support during this period.

Additionally, the matter of the funds left behind in Andrea’s probate estate, approximately $103,000, was discussed. While these funds are not currently available for distribution, Tristan will oversee their management for Amari’s benefit. Several members of the Kardashian family flew to Toronto to support Tristan during Andrea’s funeral, highlighting their close bond during this challenging time.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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