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Tupac Murder Suspect Aims for Christmas Release Amid Legal Maneuvers


The prime suspect in the notorious murder of rapper Tupac Shakur, Duane Keith ‘Keffe D’ Davis, is making a push for bail to spend Christmas at home in Nevada, as reported by a family friend. Davis, 60, the alleged orchestrator of the Las Vegas drive-by shooting that claimed Shakur’s life 27 years ago, entered a not guilty plea earlier this month. Despite facing trial on June 3, 2024, Davis is seeking release, asserting that he is not a flight risk. His legal team is diligently preparing a bail application, emphasizing his desire to be with family during the holiday season.

Davis, a former Southern California street gang leader, is the lone survivor from inside the car involved in Shakur’s murder. The self-described ‘gang member’ is the sole individual charged in connection to the crime. Despite a not guilty plea, Davis now aims to be released on bail, citing a lack of flight risk and a commitment to fighting for his freedom. His desire to spend Christmas at home with his family is a focal point of his bail application, scheduled to be filed by his defense team.

The acquaintance of Davis’ family revealed that the accused murderer wishes to build his defense while at home, arguing that he has distanced himself from criminal activity in recent years. Notably, Davis did not flee when detectives began investigating him, even during a home raid over the summer. The source mentioned Davis’s cooperation with authorities and his determination to remain unproblematic while in custody. His health, given his recent battle with colon cancer, adds another layer to the plea for bail, with concerns about his well-being in the custody system.

Public defenders Robert Arroyo and Charles Cano, representing Davis, have confirmed their intention to file a bail application. The decision rests with Judge Carli Kierny, who recently set Davis’s trial date. The Clark County District Attorney’s office’s response to the bail request remains uncertain. The trial stems from allegations that Davis provided the gun used in the drive-by shooting, mortally wounding Shakur and injuring rap mogul Marion ‘Suge’ Knight. Prosecutors argue the shooting was a result of clashes between East Coast and West Coast rap groups in the ‘gangsta rap’ era.

Davis’s case takes a complex turn as he reportedly implicated himself in multiple interviews and a 2019 memoir. The grand jury was informed that Shakur’s involvement in a brawl with Davis’s nephew, Orlando ‘Baby Lane’ Anderson, preceded the shooting. Anderson, also in the car during the incident, denied involvement and later died in a separate shooting. Davis’s potential release on bail adds a new chapter to the long-standing mystery surrounding Tupac Shakur’s murder, raising questions about the legal maneuvers and the intricacies of a case that has spanned nearly three decades.

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