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Tupac Shakur Murder Suspect’s Arraignment Delayed Again as Attorney Search Continues


Duane ‘Keefe D’ Davis, the man accused of involvement in the 1996 drive-by murder of iconic rapper Tupac Shakur, has experienced a second delay in his arraignment, highlighting the ongoing challenge of securing legal representation for his case.

Davis, 60, was indicted last month on one count of open murder with a deadly weapon use enhancement. However, during his recent court appearance, it became evident that he is still in search of an attorney to represent him. The judge, Tierra Jones, acknowledged the situation and granted Davis and his potential attorney, Ross Goodman, an additional two weeks to resolve this issue. If they remain unprepared by November 2, the judge has declared her intention to appoint a public defender.

During his brief court appearance, Davis exhibited a graying beard and wore a blue jail jumpsuit, standing as the proceedings began and ended. This marks the second postponement of Davis’s arraignment, as his previous delay was due to his attorney’s absence. The case involving Davis has brought renewed attention to Tupac Shakur’s unsolved murder, which took place on September 7, 1996, when Shakur was just 25 years old. The fatal shooting occurred near the Las Vegas Strip, following a brawl between rival gangs – the Mob Piru Bloods and the South Side Compton Crips.

Davis, who admitted publicly to being in the car with Shakur at the time of the shooting, is alleged to have been the “shot caller” for the Crips. Authorities have accused him of orchestrating the retaliatory shooting that resulted in Shakur’s death, although he may not have physically pulled the trigger. He is also accused of providing the gun used in the shooting.

This case remained dormant for decades until it was “reinvigorated” in 2018 when new information emerged. Specifically, Davis’s own admissions to his involvement in the homicide investigation provided to various media outlets played a pivotal role in reopening the case, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lt. Jason Johansson. The ongoing delays in Davis’s arraignment underscore the complex nature of the case and the intricate legal proceedings that will continue to unfold in this longstanding mystery surrounding the murder of Tupac Shakur.

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