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U2 Launches “The Sphere” with Star-Studded Performance in Las Vegas


Las Vegas witnessed a spectacular opening of “The Sphere” on Friday, September 29, with a mesmerizing performance by the legendary Irish rock band, U2. The event marked the commencement of the band’s multi-month “residency” at this cutting-edge facility, and it was nothing short of a star-studded affair. Celebrities and music industry elites flocked to the 20,000-capacity dome, gracing the occasion with their presence. Among the notable attendees were Sir Paul McCartney, Jimmy Iovine, Irving and Jeffery Azoff, Diplo, Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” fame, as well as Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Snoop Dogg, always one to capture moments, took to Instagram to share a glimpse of the immersive experience. In the video clip, the iconic rapper could be seen enjoying the show while leisurely puffing on a joint. His Instagram post was accompanied by a succinct caption that simply read, “U2.”

“The Sphere” itself boasts an impressive array of amenities, designed to redefine the live entertainment experience. These include seats equipped with high-speed internet access, a portable stage that can adapt to any size and purpose, nine levels, including a VIP club located in the basement, 23 suites, and a monumental 16K resolution wraparound LED screen spanning a staggering 160,000 square feet. This mammoth LED screen is officially recognized as the largest and highest-resolution LED screen globally. Moreover, “The Sphere” offers 4D features, engaging multiple senses with features like scent and wind.

The venue’s spatial audio system, built on Holoplot’s X1 speaker module, is an auditory marvel. Comprising 1,600 X1 speakers installed behind the LED panels, along with 300 mobile modules, the system boasts an astonishing total of 167,000 speaker drivers. Sound also emanates from the floorboards, creating an immersive auditory experience. In terms of aesthetics, the exterior of the venue dazzles with 80,000 square feet of programmable lighting. “The Sphere” itself stands tall, measuring 366 feet in height and 516 feet in width at its broadest point.

“The Sphere” has ambitious plans for its future, aiming to host four to six residencies each year. While it may not conform to the traditional layout of sports arenas like basketball and hockey, it is well-suited for hosting awards shows, concerts, and a diverse range of entertainment events. Additionally, it can accommodate ring sports events such as boxing and mixed martial arts, adding to its versatility and appeal as a groundbreaking entertainment venue.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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