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Uncle Luke Denies Grooming Allegations, Highlights Legal Protocol in Response to Gloria Velez’s Claims


In the wake of Gloria Velez’s recent accusations regarding his alleged behavior during her “vixen” era, Uncle Luke has taken to Instagram Live to vehemently deny the claims. The ex-2 Live Crew leader addressed the allegations, emphasizing that he has always adhered to legal protocols when working with minors, pointing out the necessity of obtaining consent through the proper legal channels.

During the live session on Saturday (November 25), Uncle Luke asserted, “We know the rules and the regulations of this shit. You know what you got to do when you sign an underage person? You gotta go get consent by the court.” He underlined the importance of legal processes and asserted his commitment to following proper procedures.

Addressing Velez directly, Uncle Luke stated, “Now you get your business told, fuckin’ with me. I ain’t none of them dudes, man. I don’t know what the fuck they talkin’ about. So make it make sense. Bring all the smoke. I ain’t hard to find.”

Velez had initially made the grooming allegations against Uncle Luke on her Instagram and Twitter pages, dating the alleged incident back to 1994 when she was in high school. She claimed that older men often “scouted and groomed” young women in South Florida during that time.

Responding to Velez’s initial comments, Uncle Luke commented, “No no no, Luke don’t get down like that, baby. Keep your Convention on your baby daddy before you get a defamation lawsuit.” The reference to “baby daddy” pertains to singer Aaron Hall, who is currently named in a sexual assault lawsuit along with Diddy.

The lawsuit alleges that Hall and Diddy forced two women to have sex in 1990 or 1991. Hall, who fathered a child with Velez when she was 16, is accused of raping both women on the same night. Uncle Luke’s response underscores his denial of the grooming allegations and his commitment to legal procedures.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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