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50 Cent’s Former Intern Shares Insight Into Their Unique Partnership


50 Cent, renowned for his success not only in music but also as a savvy businessman, has consistently surrounded himself with the right people. A recent revelation from one of his former associates, entrepreneur and rapper Jesse Itzer, provides further evidence of this.

In a TikTok clip from 2021 that 50 Cent shared on Instagram, Itzer reminisced about his past with the rap mogul when they were both in the early stages of their careers. He recounted how 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, once served as his intern.

According to Itzer, their partnership began when he had a boxer who aspired to be a rapper but also wanted to gain some business experience. They struck a deal: the aspiring rapper, 50 Cent, would intern for Itzer to gain valuable business experience, and in return, he would help Itzer with writing jingles for his projects at the time.

Over time, their paths diverged, with 50 Cent achieving massive success in the music industry and Itzer venturing into the world of private jets by establishing his own private jet company, Marquis Jet. Interestingly, their paths converged again when 50 Cent happened to fly on a Marquis Jet.

To reconnect, Itzer had the pilot write a note informing 50 Cent that he was on one of Itzer’s airplanes. This encounter led 50 Cent to include a clause in all his contracts, stipulating that he would only fly with Marquis Jet.

Confirming the story, 50 Cent acknowledged the authenticity of Itzer’s account, emphasizing their enduring friendship. He also alluded to Itzer’s success, suggesting that he might now own the Atlanta Hawks.

In response, Itzer expressed gratitude for the opportunity to witness 50 Cent’s remarkable journey and shared a heartwarming moment when they bumped into each other 20 years later at an airport. This story sheds light on the unconventional but mutually beneficial partnership between two individuals who would go on to achieve significant success in their respective fields.

In related news, 50 Cent recently shared the stage with Eminem during his Final Lap Tour stop in Detroit, Michigan. The rap icons delivered an electrifying performance, demonstrating their enduring friendship and love for hip-hop, much to the delight of their fans.

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