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50 Cent’s Mic Toss at Concert Hits Fan, Resulting in Criminal Battery Report


The electric atmosphere of a concert can sometimes lead to unexpected moments, but 50 Cent’s recent microphone toss at a Los Angeles concert has sparked more than just excitement. The rapper’s action has now resulted in a criminal felony battery report, leaving questions about what transpired during the incident.

During his performance at the Crypto.com Arena as part of his “Final Lap” tour, 50 Cent found himself frustrated by technical difficulties with his microphones. In a moment of visible irritation, he took matters into his own hands, quite literally, by throwing a broken microphone into the crowd. Unfortunately, this impulsive act led to an unintended consequence — the microphone struck a fan directly on the head.

The incident, captured in video footage, shows 50 Cent joining YG on stage. Faced with malfunctioning microphones, the rapper’s frustration boiled over, culminating in the impromptu mic toss. The microphone’s trajectory hit a woman in the crowd, causing visible injury.

The victim, identified as Bryhana Monegain, subsequently filed a police report detailing the events of that night. According to law enforcement sources, it’s believed that 50 Cent intended to throw the mic at his crew in the production area, not at the audience. Nevertheless, the mic’s trajectory took an unfortunate turn, striking Monegain on the head. She shared photos on Instagram displaying a gash on her forehead and blood-stained towels wrapped around her neck.

As the situation unfolds, 50 Cent’s attorney, Scott Leemon, has asserted that his client, whose legal name is Curtis Jackson, would never intentionally harm anyone with a microphone. Leemon clarified to TMZ that those spreading a different version of events are misinformed and lack the complete facts.

This incident evokes memories of a similar occurrence involving rapper Cardi B, who tossed her microphone in frustration during a Las Vegas show after a fan threw a drink at her. The mic ricocheted and hit another individual, prompting a police report. However, Cardi B was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing.

While the investigation into 50 Cent’s mic toss continues, the incident serves as a reminder that even the high-energy environment of a live concert can have unintended and sometimes unfortunate consequences.

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