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Diddy Faces Business Setbacks as Partners Cut Ties Amid Sexual Assault Allegations


Sean “Diddy” Combs is reportedly grappling with significant business losses as 18 companies sever ties with his latest venture, Empower Global, an e-commerce site spotlighting Black-owned brands. This fallout follows four separate sexual assault lawsuits against the Bad Boy Records founder.

Rolling Stone’s report highlights several partners attributing their decision to distance themselves from Diddy’s project to the allegations against him. Annette Njau, founder of House of Takura, referred to Cassie’s recent lawsuit against Diddy, stating, “We take the allegations against Mr. Combs very seriously and find such behavior abhorrent and intolerable.”

Lenard Grier of No One Clothiers acknowledged the difficulty of the decision due to Diddy’s prior standing but emphasized that severing ties was the correct choice. Ashli Goudelock of Tsuri, a women-led skincare brand, expressed her commitment to not tolerating mistreatment of women and signaled her intent to exit the partnership.

Empower Global, launched in 2021, boasts over 160 brands, and while some voiced support for Diddy, the overall impact of the severed partnerships is substantial.

Diddy has not yet responded to the recent report, but he has consistently denied all allegations of criminal misconduct and sexual assault. In a social media statement last week, he declared, “Enough is enough,” asserting that he did not engage in any wrongdoing and vowed to fight for his name, family, and the truth.

In light of the allegations, Diddy stepped down from his position as chairman at Revolt, the TV network he founded in 2012. The business setbacks signal a challenging period for the mogul as he faces both legal battles and a diminishing network of business partnerships.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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