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Diddy’s Legal Storm Brewing


Diddy’s recent adventures in white water rafting and jet-setting have sparked fury in his ex Cassie Ventura and other accusers, with their attorneys sending a stark warning his way.

The attorney for Cassie, Douglas Wigdor, issued a strong message to Diddy through TMZ, stating, “I don’t think white water rafting will prepare him for the choppy waters that lie ahead.”

Ariel Mitchell-Kidd, representing Adria English, also chimed in, expressing disdain for Diddy’s carefree demeanor amidst the serious allegations against him. Mitchell-Kidd emphasized, “Mrs. English is even more determined to see justice served after witnessing Defendant Combs’ leisurely pursuits despite the harm he’s been accused of over the years.”

Diddy’s attempts to project a nonchalant attitude through social media posts of his adventures seem to have backfired, as Mitchell-Kidd denounced his actions as a display of insensitivity towards his alleged victims.

Furthermore, Mitchell-Kidd criticized Diddy’s recent efforts to sell his Los Angeles mansion, suggesting that it may be a strategic move to feign financial distress. However, this move failed to sway the accusers, who view it as a hollow attempt to manipulate public perception.

With a grand jury reportedly investigating Diddy for various crimes, Mitchell-Kidd expressed anticipation for the forthcoming legal proceedings. She conveyed, “We eagerly await our day in court, alongside all the other plaintiffs seeking justice against Defendant Combs and the federal government’s efforts to safeguard citizens from individuals like him.”

Written by
Derek Chan


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