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Dozens Injured at Travis Scott’s Rome Concert Debut of ‘UTOPIA’


Travis Scott’s highly anticipated live debut of his album ‘UTOPIA’ at Rome’s Circus Maximus took a distressing turn as approximately 60 concertgoers were reportedly injured and in need of medical attention. The event, held on Monday (August 7), was marred by incidents that led to chaos and injuries among the attendees.

Euronews reported on the incidents that unfolded during the performance, detailing how a person in the crowd was pepper sprayed, sparking a commotion among the surrounding fans. Additionally, a separate incident involved a 14-year-old boy who fell from a four-meter height while attempting to bypass security in an effort to sneak into the show.

The Rome concert marked Travis Scott’s first live performance of his album ‘UTOPIA,’ and it gained attention not only for the music but also for a surprise appearance by Kanye West. The controversial rapper joined Scott on stage, performing a couple of songs that thrilled the 60,000-strong Italian audience.

Amid the excitement, Travis Scott expressed gratitude and recognition for Kanye West’s influence on his career, acknowledging the significant role that West played in shaping ‘UTOPIA.’ He emphasized, “There is no UTOPIA without Kanye West. There is no Travis Scott without Kanye West. There is no Rome without Kanye West.”

During the event, Scott hinted at the possibility of a joint tour with Kanye West in the future, sharing his aspiration to collaborate on a tour that showcases both artists’ talents. While the exact details remain uncertain, the prospect of a collaborative tour between the two acclaimed musicians has ignited excitement among fans.

Travis Scott’s performance at Circus Maximus was highly anticipated, following the tragic events of his 2021 Astroworld concert, which resulted in a fatal stampede and the deaths of 10 attendees. The Rome concert’s incidents highlight the ongoing concerns regarding crowd safety and management at large-scale events, prompting discussions about the need for enhanced safety measures in the entertainment industry.

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