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Erica Mena’s Tell-All Interview Addresses Controversial “Love & Hip Hop” Episode


Erica Mena, a prominent figure in the reality TV world, recently released a highly anticipated tell-all interview in which she addressed her controversial exit from “Love & Hip Hop”.

In September, Erica Mena, 35, faced the repercussions of her involvement in a heated altercation with her co-star, Spice, whose real name is Grace Hamilton. The incident resulted in her dismissal from the show after a controversial remark she made, referring to Spice as a “blue monkey” during their argument, aired on an episode. This comment garnered significant backlash from viewers who criticized her for the racially insensitive language.

On October 31, the second part of Erica’s tell-all interview with Carlos King was made available to the public. In this interview, she openly discussed the incident with Spice and the circumstances surrounding her departure from the show. Erica revealed that there were many aspects edited out of the altercation, including footage of Spice, 41, taunting her at the window and making additional comments about her son after they were separated, and Erica was removed from the scene.

Erica explained her perspective, stating that in that moment, it was not about race but about Spice’s specific behavior. She felt that Spice’s actions, including banging on the window and provocative gestures, were what reminded her of a “monkey.” She acknowledged that her choice of words was wrong but emphasized that it was not about an individual’s race but a reaction to Spice’s behavior.

She expressed her intention to be more mindful and aware of her words and actions and clarified that she is not a racist or a colorist. She offered her apologies to those she offended but made it clear that she had no intention of apologizing to Spice. Erica explained that she would consider apologizing to Spice only if she believed Spice was genuinely hurt by her comments. However, Erica asserted that after the altercation, Spice took to Instagram Live and made false claims about Erica having multiple STDs, which further escalated the situation.

Regarding her firing from the show, Erica questioned the timing. She expressed that while she knew she had made a mistake on that fateful day, she had been filming for months before her eventual dismissal. Erica questioned why the network didn’t take action sooner if the incident was as severe as they claimed.

She also raised concerns about the network’s priorities, suggesting that while the controversy may have boosted ratings, it also brought significant backlash and potential loss of sponsorships, which the network now had to address.

Erica Mena’s tell-all interview provides insight into her perspective on the controversial incident and her experience on “Love & Hip Hop.” It sheds light on the complexities of reality television and the aftermath of highly charged conflicts in the entertainment industry.

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