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Family of C-Murder’s Victim Expresses Disappointment in Kim Kardashian’s Advocacy Efforts


The family of Steve Thomas, a 16-year-old victim of the New Orleans rapper C-Murder, has voiced their dissatisfaction with Kim Kardashian’s recent advocacy to secure C-Murder’s release from prison. Kim Kardashian provided an update on her efforts last week, which has caused distress to the family, as they feel it reopens the wounds of their tragic loss.

George Thomas, Steve’s brother, shared with TMZ Hip Hop that whenever a celebrity like Kim Kardashian advocates for C-Murder, it reignites the pain the family has been trying to heal from for years. The constant media attention surrounding the case has made it difficult for the family to properly mourn Steve and move on with their lives.

George expressed that there is an abundance of evidence that points to C-Murder as the perpetrator, and he believes that the call for the rapper’s release is driven by celebrities rather than the common man. While George appreciates Kim Kardashian’s efforts to help innocent people, he firmly believes that C-Murder’s conviction was rightly upheld in 2011. Even C-Murder’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was denied, further affirming his guilt in the eyes of the law.

The family’s disappointment in Kim Kardashian’s advocacy efforts underscores the emotional toll that high-profile cases can have on the victims’ loved ones. As the controversy continues, the family seeks closure and peace, hoping that the focus will shift towards honoring Steve’s memory rather than reopening painful wounds.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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