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Feud to Friendship: Eddie Murphy and David Spade’s Comedy Clash Resolved


In a recent revelation, Hollywood legend Eddie Murphy shed light on his past feud with fellow comedian David Spade and their shared history on SNL.

During a candid interview, Murphy reflected on a particular joke that sparked tensions between him, Spade, and the SNL production team, describing the incident as having racial undertones.

The rift originated from a 1995 SNL sketch where Spade humorously quipped about Murphy’s movie “Vampire in Brooklyn” flopping at the box office, insinuating that the star’s career was on a downward spiral. Murphy was deeply hurt by the remark, feeling betrayed by his SNL family and questioning the integrity of the joke.

Expressing his disappointment, Murphy emphasized his significant contributions to SNL’s success during his time on the show and felt blindsided by the personal attack. He raised concerns about underlying tensions within the production team and perceived the joke as not just a jab at his career but also as racially motivated.

Despite the rocky past, Murphy has since reconciled with both SNL and Spade, marking a positive turn in their relationship. Spade, who initially downplayed the feud, later acknowledged the impact of his words on Murphy and the repercussions of such comedic jabs in the public eye.

While Spade has not directly addressed the racism allegations, his evolving perspective on the matter suggests a newfound understanding of the complexities of comedy and its effects on relationships in the entertainment industry.

Written by:
Derek Chan


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