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Jamie Foxx Faces New Allegations: Exclusive Video Shows Actor Groping Woman in 2008


In an exclusive report, video footage from December 2008 showing actor Jamie Foxx engaging in inappropriate behavior with a clubgoer. The video reveals Foxx groping a woman during a DJ set at a New York nightclub. This revelation comes amid a recent lawsuit filed against Foxx by a New York woman, accusing him of groping her at a rooftop bar in 2015. The exclusive footage sheds light on past instances of Foxx’s questionable conduct, providing additional context to the ongoing legal battle.

According to a witness, the incident occurred during a DJ set at Club Mansion in Manhattan on December 16, 2008. The witness expressed shock at Foxx’s actions, capturing the moment on video. In the footage, Foxx, dressed in black, is seen on stage singing before a scantily dressed clubgoer backs into him, prompting him to run his hands up and down her back, buttocks, and thighs. The witness recounted their surprise, emphasizing that they filmed the incident because they could not believe Foxx would act in such a manner towards a stranger.

Foxx’s recent legal troubles involve a lawsuit filed by a woman who claims he groped her at Catch NYC in 2015. The plaintiff, unnamed in the complaint, alleges that Foxx made inappropriate comments about her appearance before leading her to a secluded area, where he allegedly groped her breasts and genitals. The woman asserts that Foxx only stopped when her friend intervened. Foxx vehemently denies these claims, labeling the lawsuit as ‘malicious’ and expressing confidence that it will be dismissed.

These recent revelations coincide with a challenging year for Jamie Foxx, marked by a medical emergency in April that left him hospitalized for months. While recovering, Foxx faced rumors about his health, denying reports of blindness or paralysis. He eventually addressed the situation on Instagram, assuring fans that he had been through a difficult period but was on the road to recovery. As the actor deals with legal scrutiny and the aftermath of his medical challenges, the public gains a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding his personal life and public image.

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