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Lil Wayne’s Solo Spotlight Steals the Show After Hot Boys Reunion at Essence Festival


Lil Wayne made a surprise appearance during the highly anticipated Hot Boys reunion at Essence Festival, but it wasn’t quite what fans were expecting.

While B.G. and Juvenile, along with Mannie Fresh and Birdman, took the stage as planned, Lil Wayne’s entrance was delayed until after his former groupmates had finished their performance. Weezy then showcased a 20-minute solo set before briefly reuniting with the rest of the crew, minus Juvenile, for a final song before exiting.

During his time on stage, Lil Wayne made it clear that he was representing his label Young Money, with Cash Money logos giving way to his own branding. Meanwhile, Turk, another Hot Boys member, was notably absent from the reunion.

Addressing Turk’s absence, B.G. and Juvenile shared their perspectives on social media, with Juvenile implying that Turk’s previous actions had led to his exclusion from the event. Turk, on his part, expressed his efforts to overcome potential obstacles and join the reunion.

Despite speculations about a Hot Boys reunion album circulating, Lil Wayne cast doubt on the project’s existence during an interview on the Not Just Football podcast. He seemed surprised by the mention of a potential album, indicating that he had not been informed about any such plans. Juvenile’s earlier statements about working on a reunion album were met with skepticism by Lil Wayne, who humorously mentioned that he had yet to “smell the food” or receive any confirmation about the project.

While the Essence Festival reunion sparked excitement among fans, uncertainties surrounding Turk’s absence and the rumored album left the Hot Boys’ future collaborations up in the air.

Written by
Derek Chan


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