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Lizzo Responds to Accusations with New Evidence of Accusers’ Alleged Inconsistencies


Singer and performer Lizzo finds herself in the midst of a legal battle with her backup dancers, who accused her of pressuring them to eat bananas from performers’ vaginas during a tour stop. In a twist, Lizzo’s attorney, Marty Singer, has unveiled new evidence in the form of backstage photos that allegedly contradict the dancers’ claims.

Singer claims that recently surfaced photos from March 5, following the now-infamous visit to a topless cabaret show in Paris, depict Lizzo’s accusers enjoying themselves backstage with the performers. The images appear to show a scene contrary to the dancers’ assertion that they were forced to attend the Paris show. Lizzo’s legal team contends that these photos are at odds with the dancers’ statements, revealing that they willingly participated in the Paris event. Moreover, the dancers reportedly chose to continue their collaboration with Lizzo and return for the third leg of her tour.

One of the accusers, Arianna Davis, had previously expressed admiration for Lizzo in an audition tape. Singer pointed out that after Davis’ comments about Lizzo’s positive influence came to light, she attempted to explain her endorsement by claiming that most of her accusations were based on later events. The attorney asserts that this excuse is contradicted by the newly revealed images.

Lizzo’s attorney accuses the lawsuit of being a “sham” and intends to counter with a malicious prosecution suit after the backup dancers’ case is resolved. He asserts that the newly presented photos and videos, along with other substantial evidence, showcase the glaring inconsistencies between the plaintiffs’ claims and the actual facts.

Meanwhile, Neama Rahmani, the attorney representing Lizzo’s accusers, stands by their claims and looks forward to the trial. Rahmani suggests that the backstage photos, where the dancers appear to be enjoying themselves, might reflect their desire to maintain their jobs due to financial constraints.

Rahmani highlights that the lawsuit is supported by the accounts of other former employees sharing similar experiences. He also references a recent Los Angeles Times article, which reported that Lizzo allegedly used intimate footage of her dancers without their approval in the 2022 HBO Max documentary “Love Lizzo.” These instances seem to contribute to a broader pattern of behavior as Rahmani sees it.

Lizzo, who was recently seen in public after the lawsuit emerged, has reassured her fans that she is focused on her music. As the legal dispute unfolds, both parties are gearing up for what promises to be a contentious legal battle. As details continue to emerge and the legal proceedings progress, the dispute between Lizzo and her backup dancers remains a complex and highly debated matter.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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