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Mayte Garcia to Bring Prince’s Life to the Big Screen in Biopic Adaptation of “The Most Beautiful”


Mayte Garcia, Prince’s ex-wife, is set to produce a captivating film based on her best-selling memoir, “The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince.”

Crazy Legs Features has officially acquired the rights to adapt Mayte Garcia’s New York Times bestseller, “The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince,” into a feature-length biopic. The book, released in early 2017, delves into the life of the legendary musician from the unique perspective of his first wife, Mayte Garcia.

Their remarkable love story began in 1990 when Mayte was just 16, and Prince was 32. After a four-year courtship, during which Prince became Mayte’s legal guardian, they tied the knot in 1996. Tragedy struck shortly after the birth of their son on October 16, 1996, when he succumbed to Pfeiffer syndrome type 2 just six days later. This heart-wrenching loss understandably had a profound impact on their marriage, ultimately leading to their separation in 2000, as revealed in Mayte’s memoir.

The memoir draws its name from the iconic song “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World,” which Prince composed in 1994 as a heartfelt tribute to Mayte. It takes readers on a journey that started backstage at a concert and evolved into a profound artistic partnership and a deeply personal romance. Offering an exceptionally intimate and rare glimpse into the life of the enigmatic artist who left an indelible mark on pop culture, Mayte Garcia’s book has touched the hearts of many.

Now, Mayte Garcia is set to bring this compelling story to the silver screen in a biographical film that will celebrate the life and love of Prince, as seen through her eyes.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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