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Megan Thee Stallion’s Chart Rankings Plunge Amid Allegations of Bought Streams


In a shocking turn of events, Megan Thee Stallion finds herself embroiled in controversy as reports surface claiming that 30 million streams of her latest album have been filtered by Spotify. This unexpected development has significantly impacted the chart performance of her album, raising questions about the authenticity of her streaming numbers.

The buzz on the street suggests that Roc Nation may have purchased the disputed streams, leading to a sudden drop in Megan Thee Stallion’s chart status. Initially making a splash with her album titled “Megan,” which garnered approximately 71 million global streams upon its debut, the artist’s success seemed promising. However, a drastic shift occurred when a substantial portion of these streams were allegedly filtered out, causing her album to plummet to the number 30 spot.

Speculations abound regarding the authenticity of the filtered streams, with many questioning the legitimacy of the sudden surge in numbers. While fans express their support for Megan Thee Stallion, concerns linger about the potential implications of artificially boosting streaming figures to manipulate chart rankings.

As social media buzzes with discussions and debates surrounding the controversy, various posts and analyses highlight the discrepancy in streaming numbers and the impact on Megan Thee Stallion’s chart performance. Despite the setback, supporters commend the artist for her organic success and await further developments in the unfolding saga.

The streaming scandal surrounding Megan Thee Stallion’s album raises critical questions about transparency and integrity in the music industry. As the situation unfolds, fans and critics alike are left pondering the significance of genuine engagement and the repercussions of artificial streaming practices. Amidst the controversy, one thing remains clear – the music speaks for itself. So, as discussions continue, take a moment to immerse yourself in the sounds of Megan and form your own opinions on this captivating saga.

Written by
Derek Chan


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