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NBA Star Kyrie Irving’s Generous Donation Aids Elderly Woman in Legal Battle Over Family Home


Dallas Mavericks’ standout player, Kyrie Irving, has extended his philanthropic efforts by donating $40,000 to support Josephine Wright, a 93-year-old South Carolina woman entangled in a legal dispute to protect her family’s ancestral home from an encroaching developer.

Wright, a long-time resident of the picturesque Hilton Head Island, inherited the 1.8-acre plot from her late husband in 2012. The land holds significant historical value, having been settled by escaped slaves and remaining in her family since the Civil War. Bailey Point Investment Group is suing Wright, claiming she obstructed the development of a 147-unit complex adjacent to her property.

Despite facing offers from the developers, reaching as high as $39,000 to buy her plot, Wright staunchly refused, leading to a campaign of harassment against her. She alleges that the developers resorted to slashing her tires, littering her property with trash, and even displaying a snake at her window. However, she remained steadfast, stating, “I am here to fight for what I have.”

A gofundme page was set up in Wright’s name to support her legal efforts, and it was through this platform that Kyrie Irving contributed $40,000. As of the latest update, the campaign had amassed $248,263 of its $350,000 goal.

Although Irving has faced controversy surrounding his vaccine stance and allegations of anti-Semitism, he has earned a reputation for his generosity. The basketball star has previously covered school tuition for a 12-year-old suffering from pseudotumor cerebri and funeral costs for a 14-year-old from his alma mater in New Jersey. Additionally, Irving provided financial assistance to the family of Shanquella Robinson, a murder victim on vacation in Mexico.

With his recent three-year, $126 million deal, Irving has re-signed with the Mavericks. However, he remains dedicated to supporting meaningful causes, having donated more than $500,000 to various gofundme campaigns, according to NetsDaily.com.

Wright’s legal battle has gained support from her attorney, Roberts Vaux, based in Bluffton, and Former state legislator Bakari Sellers, along with the NAACP. They assert that Wright’s case reflects a larger issue faced by Black landowners on the island, especially Gullah landowners, who have experienced pressure to sell their properties, leading to a significant reduction in their share of the island’s land over the years.

As the lawsuit remains in the discovery phase, Wright’s family has commissioned an independent survey to ascertain if the alleged encroachment indeed crosses the parcel boundary. Despite the challenges, Josephine Wright remains determined to preserve her family’s legacy and protect her cherished home on Hilton Head Island.

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Written by:
Derek Chan – Editor


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