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Outrage as American Rapper Sparks Controversy with Lewd Tirade Outside Buckingham Palace


Sukihana, an American rapper known for her large following on Twitter and Instagram, has ignited a firestorm of criticism after she was filmed delivering a sexually explicit and profanity-laden tirade outside Buckingham Palace during her trip to the UK.

The Atlanta, Georgia-based artist was in the UK for her first international show, and she proudly shared a snippet of her performance with enthusiastic fans. However, the controversy erupted when a video surfaced of Sukihana making crude and offensive remarks while strolling the streets near King Charles’ official residence.

In the 18-second clip, Sukihana can be heard using offensive language and expressing explicit sexual desires. The video, filmed outside the iconic palace, captured her saying, “I’m trying to get my ce scratched. And eat a n‘s a, we’d be eating n‘s a* today in London, period.”

The encounter left onlookers, including a group of women, bewildered by her audacious behavior. Sukihana’s companion, donned in a khaki bodycon dress and white boots, seemed to revel in the profanities, adding to the controversial nature of the situation.

Upon sharing the clip on social media with the caption, “Suki takes London,” the rapper faced severe backlash, with many expressing disapproval and embarrassment over her actions. Some users called for public shaming, while others criticized her behavior as “degeneracy” and “absurd.”

In response to the controversy, Sukihana engaged in a heated exchange on Twitter, claiming she inadvertently started a political debate and emphasized her newfound awareness-raising potential. However, her attempt to deflect criticism by taking a defiant stance only fueled further outrage.

Known for her provocative online persona, Sukihana uses the moniker “Suki WITH THE GOOD C*****e” on her social media profiles. Despite her growing popularity and success in the music industry, her recent conduct has overshadowed her accomplishments.

Throughout her London trip, the rapper also posed for photos and made appearances on local radio stations, including Capital Xtra. Her hit single “EATING” has gained popularity on Spotify, amassing over one million streams and attracting 204,200 monthly listeners.

Sukihana’s actions outside Buckingham Palace have sparked significant controversy, raising questions about public decorum and responsibility in the entertainment industry. As the video continues to circulate and the backlash intensifies, the rapper faces growing criticism and potential consequences for her explicit and offensive behavior.

Written by:
Derek Chan – Editor


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