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Post Malone Faces Accusations of Domestic Violence Amid Legal Battle


In the midst of a contentious legal battle, rapper and singer Post Malone, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, now faces allegations of domestic violence. However, the accuser is not his former partner, Ashlen Diaz, but rather a law firm called Martorell Law, which initially aided Diaz in legal matters pertaining to her palimony.

The legal saga stems from Post Malone’s split with Diaz in 2018. Following the breakup, Diaz sought financial compensation from their relationship, even though they were not married. She had promised her legal team a portion of any settlement. However, Martorell Law alleges that Post Malone coerced her into accepting an out-of-court settlement that excluded the firm from the agreement.

In response, Martorell Law is now preparing to present “hard and detailed” evidence, including images and text messages, to demonstrate Post Malone’s significant influence and control over Diaz. They aim to show that she was manipulated into sidelining her legal representation and negotiating directly with him.

Martorell Law has filed a motion for damages, which Post Malone has vigorously contested, denouncing it as “frivolous, unreasonable, or without foundation.” The basis for the motion lies in the allegations of emotional and physical abuse directed at Diaz by the 28-year-old musician. According to Martorell, Post Malone exerted “pressure and coercion” on Diaz to compel her to release her lawyer.

The motion asserts, “Coercion and pressure of one’s romantic partner combined with physical and emotional abuse… constitutes an independent wrongful act.” The legal firm contends that these allegations were at the core of the underlying palimony dispute, wherein Post Malone allegedly employed a pattern of abuse and power dynamics to suppress Diaz, ultimately leaving her without legal representation and financially disadvantaged.

While Martorell has refrained from publicizing the more salacious details of the case out of respect for the court process, they argue that if necessary, they will present the specific allegations and supporting photographic and text evidence in legal pleadings.

Martorell further argues, “It simply cannot be the case that one of the world’s most powerful celebrities with a documented history of physical and emotional abuse towards his romantic partner uses his power and money to deprive her of legal representation and in doing so, blatantly interferes with a contingency fee agreement robbing her attorney from being paid and gets away with it scot-free”.

Eduardo Martorell, the founding partner of Martorell Law, noted, “During the course of my representation of Ms. Diaz, Ms. Diaz informed me that she suffered from acts of domestic abuse during her dating relationship with Defendant Post”.

The legal battle remains ongoing, with both sides presenting their arguments in court. Post Malone, known for his successful music career, now finds himself embroiled in a complex legal dispute that combines issues of domestic relationships, financial arrangements, and allegations of abuse.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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