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Russell Simmons Claims Ex-Wife Kimora Lee Stole $800 Million: Legal Battle Unfolds


In a recent interview with Graham Bensinger, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons dropped a bombshell, alleging that his ex-wife, Baby Phat founder Kimora Lee Simmons, illegally funneled $800 million to the government and is now fighting to recover his share. The interview revealed simmering tensions in the aftermath of their 15-year relationship, leading to a legal battle that has captured headlines.

Simmons, known for his philanthropy and business ventures, spoke candidly about his past relationship with Kimora Lee. He expressed generosity and support during their marriage, spanning 15 years, with eight of those spent as husband and wife. Despite the seemingly harmonious relationship, Simmons claimed that the situation took a turn for the worse. He cited a lawsuit, mentioning a staggering $800 million that Kimora allegedly gave to the government illegally.

This revelation stems from Kimora’s involvement with her new husband, Tim Leissner, who faced legal troubles related to criminal conspiracy and money laundering charges. Leissner, who pleaded guilty in 2018, reportedly received bail using Celsius stocks valued at $44 million, claimed by Russell Simmons as his own.

The legal saga began in 2021 when Simmons initially accused Kimora of defrauding him of Celsius shares. This accusation intensified in 2023 when it was revealed that Simmons had to pay $100,000 to Kimora just months before facing abuse allegations from his daughters. The funds were allegedly used to cover legal fees associated with Leissner’s federal fraud case.

Despite Simmons’s legal battle and accusations, Kimora secured a victory in November 2022 when she was awarded $100,000 in legal fees as part of a breach of contract claim against Russell Simmons. This legal back-and-forth adds layers of complexity to their already intricate history.Simmons’s public apology on Father’s Day in June 2023, addressing his family issues, hinted at the ongoing challenges within the family dynamic. While expressing regret for his behavior, Simmons emphasized the importance of growth through adversity and urged his daughters to “smile and breathe.”

As the legal drama unfolds, Russell Simmons’s claims against Kimora Lee shed light on the complexities of high-profile relationships, financial disputes, and the collateral impact on families. The $800 million figure looms large, symbolizing a legal battle that transcends the personal and delves into the realms of finance, fame, and familial ties.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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