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Van Jones Faces Setback as He Launches New Non-Profit Initiative


Van Jones, a prominent CNN commentator and advocate for criminal justice reform, is embarking on a new non-profit initiative after his departure from the Dream.org non-profit he founded. The move comes two years after he received a substantial $100 million contribution from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and follows his removal from the board of Dream.org.

Jones’ departure from Dream.org, which was aimed at addressing criminal justice issues, has raised eyebrows as he becomes publicly associated with yet another organization from which he has been ousted. Critics have pointed out his apparent tendency to transition to new projects relatively quickly, possibly without establishing robust operational foundations.

Former employees have highlighted concerns about Jones’ leadership style, with some stating that he tends to “move on to the next thing” without ensuring the stability and sustainability of the initiatives he initiates. Sources suggest that his exit from Dream.org was not voluntary, hinting at a less-than-amicable departure.

Furthermore, Dream.org’s financial management has come under scrutiny. Despite receiving significant funding, including a $10 million grant from Bezos’ climate fund, the organization reportedly laid off employees and embarked on spending without transparent accounting.

Jones’ spokesperson confirmed that he is in the process of launching a new non-profit endeavor, which is expected to be unveiled shortly. This move raises questions about the new initiative’s structure, focus, and the lessons learned from his previous ventures. As Jones seeks to forge a new path in the non-profit sector, the spotlight will remain on his ability to create sustainable and impactful change in the social and justice-oriented spheres.

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