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Xzibit Voices Concerns About the Current State of Hip Hop and Suggests a Path Forward


In a recent panel discussion in Santa Monica, CA, Xzibit expressed his deep concerns about the current state of the Hip Hop genre, which he believes has devolved into a mockery of itself. The panel, which also featured Layzie Bone, provided Xzibit with a platform to share his thoughts on the matter.

The veteran rapper began by highlighting the enormous size of Hip Hop and how it has generated substantial wealth for many, making it seem like an easily accessible path for anyone. Xzibit argued that this accessibility has contributed to the genre’s degradation.

“It’s become a mockery of itself. It’s become too accessible,” he asserted, adding that there was a time when artists needed to secure investments and support from industry professionals to advance their careers. However, he believes that the proliferation of technology, like laptops and WiFi, has given rise to a DIY mentality among aspiring artists, which can ultimately undermine their own careers.

Xzibit didn’t just criticize the current state of Hip Hop; he also offered suggestions for improvement. He advocated for the creation of a union or board to bring organization and control to the genre. According to Xzibit, the absence of ownership and a collective decision-making body has contributed to Hip Hop’s present challenges, including its absence from the Billboard charts.

“This is a billion-dollar industry! But until we take the focus and we clean up our own backyard, it’s not going to have the same respect it garnered in the past,” he emphasized.

While Xzibit has not released a new album since 2012, he teased a potential final album called “Kingmaker” in 2022. Despite not providing a specific release date, he expressed his love for Hip Hop and a desire to be present for his fanbase while acknowledging that his priorities were evolving with age.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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