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6ix9ine’s Arrest Footage Reveals Desperate Attempt to Avoid Consequences for Missed Court Date


A recently surfaced video captures the tense moments of rapper 6ix9ine’s arrest, as he tries to evade the consequences of missing a court appearance. The Brooklyn artist, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, was apprehended on August 9 for three traffic violations he had received in June after being pulled over for speeding.

According to official court documents, 6ix9ine was caught driving at an astonishing 135 mph in a 65 mph zone on the Florida Turnpike. He was subsequently cited for operating an unregistered vehicle and lacking car insurance. Failing to attend a court hearing scheduled for July compounded his legal troubles, leading to the issuance of an arrest warrant.

In newly revealed bodycam footage, the 27-year-old musician is shown being pulled over by law enforcement officers. Asked for his driver’s license, which he doesn’t possess, he is requested to exit his vehicle before eventually being placed under arrest. Expressing disbelief, 6ix9ine questions the rationale behind his arrest, stating, “You’re taking me to jail over a traffic warrant?” The officer clarifies that his failure to appear in court is the basis for the arrest. The link to the video is shown below.

The situation escalates further as 6ix9ine disputes with an officer regarding who is permitted to drive his vehicle back to his residence. He asserts that his bodyguard can operate the car, citing the presentation of a license plate on paper.

Throughout the video, the rapper attempts to downplay his charges, asserting that his cars are registered under his brother’s name. The officer counters, pointing out the absence of proper registration during the traffic stop.

6ix9ine’s arrest for missing a court appearance carries potential consequences of fines or imprisonment, as outlined by West Palm Beach Defense. The severity of the punishment hinges on the case’s nature and judicial discretion. After a brief stint in Palm Beach County jail, 6ix9ine was released approximately three hours later upon posting a $2,000 bond. This arrest adds to the rapper’s legal woes, which recently included a court order to pay $119,488 to American Express for defaulted payments.

The rapper’s ongoing legal troubles have cast a shadow over his music career and personal life, raising questions about the potential impact on his future endeavors. As the saga continues, 6ix9ine’s attempts to evade the consequences of his actions underscore the complexities and challenges of fame and legal responsibility.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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