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Adam22 Slams Antonio Brown’s Inappropriate Comment About His Wife, Lena the Plug


In a recent Twitter exchange that stirred controversy, NFL free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown faced criticism from porn star Adam22, also known as Adam Grandmaison, for making an inappropriate comment about Adam22’s wife, Lena the Plug.

The incident unfolded when Brown asked Adam22 if he could “get next” with Lena the Plug, referring to her previous sex tape with porn star Jason Luv. Lena the Plug had recently garnered attention for her video with Luv, despite being married to Adam22 for seven years.

Adam22 was quick to respond to Brown’s comment, expressing his offense and questioning the NFL star’s intentions with his wife. He retorted, “What are you gonna do with it with your little a** meat,” insinuating that Brown was disrespecting his marriage.

As the social media exchange continued, Brown’s team reportedly reached out to Adam22 for an interview collaboration. However, the situation escalated when Brown demanded $5,000, prompting Adam22 to refuse and criticize Brown for disrespecting his wife.

In response to Brown’s initial advances, Lena the Plug asserted that she is a married woman. However, Brown pointed out that this did not stop her from engaging with Jason Luv, which further fueled the controversy.

Adam22 later spoke with TMZ about the matter, expressing his disapproval of Brown’s behavior and rejecting any collaboration. He called Brown a “piece of s***” and stated that he would not allow anyone to disrespect his wife in such a manner.

Antonio Brown, who has been out of the NFL since January 2022, has faced various controversies throughout his career. This latest incident further adds to the scrutiny surrounding his actions both on and off the field.

Overall, the exchange between Antonio Brown and Adam22 has drawn significant attention, highlighting the need for respect and boundaries when discussing personal relationships, regardless of one’s public status.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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