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Adele’s Health Struggles: Sciatica Attack During Las Vegas Residency Revealed


Award-winning singer Adele recently opened up about a health scare during her Las Vegas residency, disclosing that she collapsed backstage due to a debilitating sciatica attack. The 35-year-old artist shared the incident with her fans at The Colosseum, recounting how a member of her production team found her unable to move backstage due to the flare-up. She reportedly told the audience, “They picked my whole body up off the floor.”

Adele’s revelation sheds light on the challenges posed by sciatica, a condition arising from pressure on the sciatic nerve due to issues like a slipped disk. This nerve runs from the lower back down to the foot, and the condition can lead to intense pain, cramps, and even the inability to walk.

The singer’s struggle with sciatica is not new, as she previously discussed her chronic back pain during her Las Vegas shows. In a video obtained by the Daily Star, Adele spoke candidly about the impact of the condition on her mobility, saying, “I have to waddle these days because I have really bad sciatica.” This comment came as she moved across the stage with the assistance of a handheld cannon, emphasizing the challenges she faces due to the condition.

Adele’s journey to improve her health and well-being has been an ongoing process. In 2021, she famously shed around 100lbs, a transformation she linked to her efforts to cope with anxiety and physical pain. She had experienced back problems from a young age, even slipping a disc at the age of 15. Her C-section delivery of her son Angelo further compounded her health issues. Adele’s weight loss and improved physical fitness have enabled her to better manage her back pain and live a more active lifestyle.

In a candid interview with The Face magazine in 2021, Adele discussed how her transformed physique had impacted her life. She expressed joy at being more agile and able to run around with her son. The weight loss not only alleviated her physical pain but also became a metaphor for her resilience. The artist remarked, “I’m more agile because I can now move more, because of my back. I got my core strong.”

Adele’s journey toward better health resonates as an inspiring example of using physical well-being to combat challenges such as anxiety and chronic pain. Her openness about her struggles and triumphs has connected with her fans, demonstrating the power of perseverance and personal growth.

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