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Adidas Throws Shade at Kevin Durant Over Sneaker Diss in Twitter Feud


In a surprising turn of events on Friday, sportswear giant Adidas didn’t hold back when responding to NBA star Kevin Durant’s diss on Timberwolves’ Anthony Edwards’ upcoming Adidas signature sneakers. The feud ignited when Durant, a Nike-signed athlete, emphatically stated that you “Won’t EVER see me put a big toe in them Mfers” regarding Edwards’ Adidas kicks.

Adidas, known for its bold marketing strategies, swiftly hit back at Durant via its official Twitter account, dismissing him with a cutting remark: “U dusty. Bouta retire soon anyway.” The scathing reply, although later deleted, left fans speculating whether it was an accidental post or a deliberate move by the brand.

The plot thickened when Adidas added another tweet, stating, “Meant to send that from the burner account…” This sly reference to Durant’s past use of burner accounts added an extra layer to the social media exchange.

NBA enthusiasts are now left wondering whether this unexpected online spat will have any impact on the dynamic between Durant and Adidas, as the brand looks to promote Anthony Edwards’ signature AE1s set to release on December 16, just in time for Christmas.

As the sneaker drama continues to unfold, the question remains: Will this Twitter feud between Adidas and Kevin Durant lead to a lasting rift or turn out to be a clever marketing ploy in the competitive world of athletic endorsements?

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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