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Anita Baker Faces Criticism for Alleged Rudeness During Houston Concert: Netizens Recall Babyface’s Previous Remarks


Renowned American singer-songwriter Anita Baker has sparked controversy following her recent concert in Houston, Texas, where she reportedly exhibited rude behavior. During the performance, Baker purportedly instructed audience members to turn off their phone cameras and requested some individuals to “move back.” Notably, she also called on security to escort certain people out of the venue, all while maintaining her musical performance.

The incident, captured on video and shared online, prompted a wave of criticism from netizens who accused Baker of being disrespectful to her fans. In response to the viral footage, an Instagram user (@javon_rowry) commented on @theshaderoom’s post, recalling Babyface’s past statement about Anita Baker being “mean” after she removed him as a guest singer from her ongoing tour.

The Houston concert, part of Baker’s The Songstress Tour celebrating the 40th anniversary of her debut solo album, The Songstress (1983), took place at the Toyota Center on December 15. The controversy arose when Baker, in the midst of performing “Feel the Need,” ad-libbed remarks like “Turn off the camera, baby. I don’t know who you are. Move back!” She later expressed dissatisfaction with the front row, urging security to remove disruptive individuals.

While some social media users criticized Baker for her alleged rudeness and speculated about potential substance use, others defended her. Some attendees claimed that certain audience members were “rushing” the stage, causing distractions, and suggested that Baker had to take action.

In response to the criticism, Baker took to X and wrote, “When they realize they can’t Stop Your Blessings? … they simply Lie. As in, Liability [laughing emoji]. Screenshots? Are 4ever. Lyrics [musical note emoji], I’m as petty as you are #AnitaBaker.”

Despite the backlash, Baker’s tour continues, with upcoming performances scheduled in Dallas and California. The 65-year-old artist has been conducting the tour since February 2023, and it is expected to conclude in February 2024.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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