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Antonio Brown Faces Renewed Calls for Child Support Payment as Ex-Partner Seeks Justice


In a continued legal battle, former NFL player Antonio Brown finds himself under scrutiny for failing to meet child support obligations, despite previous warnings of potential jail time. The mother of one of his children, Wiltrice Jackson, recently expressed her frustration with the situation and renewed her call for action.

TMZ Reports:

Back in August, it was revealed that Antonio Brown was facing potential incarceration over unpaid child support, as previously reported. However, it appears that he still has not fulfilled his financial responsibilities.

Wiltrice Jackson, who gave birth to Brown’s daughter, Antanyiah, in 2008, recently spoke with TMZ Sports. She claimed that Brown owes her nearly $31,000 in child support and has called for his arrest if the payment is not made promptly.

This marks the second time this year that a judge has ordered law enforcement to arrest Brown due to his failure to meet child support payments. Court records indicate that there has been no progress in the case since the initial order was issued.

Jackson expressed her frustration, stating, “I do want him arrested because, right now, he’s making a mockery out of the judge and everything, because he feels like he’s untouchable.”

However, Jackson’s concerns go beyond monetary support. Her attorney, Pascal Michel, emphasized her desire for Brown to be an involved father, especially since their 15-year-old daughter, Antanyiah, is a promising athlete in her own right. The teenager has garnered interest from more than 80 schools, including prestigious institutions like the University of Miami and the University of Oregon, due to her achievements in track and field.

Jackson, who previously dated Antonio Brown during the early stages of his NFL career, emphasized her determination to fight for her daughter’s well-being and future. Despite the ongoing challenges, she remains steadfast in her pursuit of justice and support for their child.

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