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Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Hospitalized in Mexico City: Possible Stroke or Vertigo?


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was reportedly hospitalized in Mexico City, with conflicting reports suggesting a possible stroke or vertigo. Wozniak, a tech entrepreneur and scientist with a net worth exceeding $100 million, was set to speak at a World Business Forum event when he collapsed just before his scheduled speech. TMZ sources claim Wozniak mentioned feeling strange to his wife, who insisted he go to the hospital. Some reports indicate a potential stroke, while others suggest vertigo.

Wozniak, 73, is renowned for co-founding Apple alongside Steve Jobs, revolutionizing personal computing. His team is reportedly flying to Mexico City to assess his condition and arrange potential transportation back to the United States. The inventor of the Apple II computer, Wozniak’s contributions to the tech industry are substantial. Despite financial success, he has emphasized the importance of happiness over wealth.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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