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Aspiring Popstar Alleges Sexual Demands in Lawsuit Against Jason Derulo


Emaza Gibson, an aspiring popstar, has filed a lawsuit against singer Jason Derulo, alleging that he subjected her to quid pro quo sexual harassment when she signed a record deal with him in 2021. Gibson, now 25, claimed that she was initially thrilled by the prospect of a record deal with the “Whatcha Say” singer but soon realized that the offer came with unwelcome strings attached. According to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Court, seen by NBC, Derulo demanded sex in exchange for career success, leaving Gibson feeling traumatized and anxious about her future in the music industry.

In an interview with NBC, Gibson revealed that her experience had been heart-wrenching, resulting in anxiety and emotional trauma. She explained that she had encountered inhumane work situations, leaving her feeling as if she had lost everything. Gibson’s lawsuit accuses Jason Derulo of dumping her record deal after she rejected his advances, both sexual and social, such as invitations for drinks. She alleges that Derulo’s behavior amounted to quid pro quo sexual harassment.

At the time of these alleged advances, Jason Derulo was in a relationship with Jena Frumes, with whom he shares a son. However, the couple split in September 2021, just a month after Derulo approached Gibson. Frumes later accused Derulo of infidelity during their relationship. Emaza Gibson and her sisters had moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and launched a YouTube channel for their music, amassing 1.25 million subscribers. However, as her sisters lost interest in the music industry, Gibson continued with dance videos in pursuit of a solo career.

The lawsuit states that in August 2021, Derulo proposed a joint venture involving Ceraadi, the band Gibson was part of with her sisters, his brand Future History, and Atlantic Records. Gibson agreed to the deal, which included producing a mixtape and an album within specified timeframes. However, in September 2021, Gibson claimed that during a studio meeting with Derulo, she was plied with excessive alcohol despite informing him that she wasn’t a drinker. She felt pressured and uncomfortable with his advances.

Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that Derulo made a statement about “embracing goat skin and fish scales,” which is believed to be slang for a strain of cocaine and rituals involving sex. Gibson considered this an explicit demand for sex in exchange for career success.

By November 2021, Gibson had decided to stand up against Derulo’s advances, choosing not to betray her morals for the sake of success in the music industry. She expressed her disappointment with how Derulo allegedly treated her, particularly in what she described as a toxic work environment.

Jason Derulo, in a recent interview, emphasized that his career took precedence over his personal life, stating that he would choose work over a relationship in most cases. However, Gibson’s lawsuit sheds light on allegations of inappropriate behavior that raise questions about the treatment of aspiring artists in the industry.

As the legal proceedings continue, Emaza Gibson’s case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing allegations of misconduct within the music industry and ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all artists.

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