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Athletics Star Turned Top Model: Kendall Baisden’s Inspiring Journey from Track to Runway


Kendall Baisden, the 28-year-old star athlete who has transitioned into the world of high fashion modeling, has captivated both sports and fashion enthusiasts with her remarkable journey. Beginning as a young tennis player, her life took an unexpected turn after a chance encounter with tennis legend Richard Williams at the age of ten. This meeting ignited her self-belief and set her on a path that led her from competitive sprinting to walking prestigious runways in Paris and Milan.

Baisden’s sporting prowess emerged at a young age, with tennis as her initial focus. Her parents arranged a tennis lesson with Richard Williams, the father of tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams, which proved to be a pivotal moment. This encounter instilled a sense of self-assuredness in her, which she carried into her successful sprinting career.

While Baisden continued to excel in tennis, her undeniable speed led her to explore track and field as well. She found mentorship and inspiration from athletes like Allyson Felix, and her dedication eventually brought her to international competitions like the Pan American Games and World Championships. Her achievements on the track included gold medals and impressive titles, but a gap in her training schedule unexpectedly opened the door to a new passion.

Encouraged to try modeling, Baisden found herself unexpectedly drawn to the creative world in front of the camera. What started as a hobby soon evolved into a serious pursuit. She signed with a modeling agency and made her mark on the runway, participating in iconic fashion weeks and working with renowned designers.

Baisden’s journey serves as a testament to the power of self-belief, dedication, and adaptability. Despite the twists and turns, she continues to strive for excellence in both athletics and modeling. With her eyes set on the Paris 2024 Olympic trials, Baisden’s story inspires others to embrace their passions, overcome challenges, and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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