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Aubrey O’Day Exposes Diddy’s Offer to Give Back Bad Boy Artists’ Publishing Rights


Aubrey O’Day, known for her stint in the girl group Danity Kane, has taken to Only Stans to provide a detailed and scathing critique of Diddy’s recent announcement to return publishing rights to Bad Boy artists. O’Day, who began her career as part of the group assembled by Diddy during the reality show “Making the Band,” has had a tumultuous relationship with the music mogul. She argues that Diddy’s gesture, while it may seem noble on the surface, is far from equitable.

During her Only Stans appearance, O’Day delved into the financial realities faced by Danity Kane during their peak years, emphasizing how they were scarcely compensated despite generating millions of dollars. She revealed that the proposed deal only offers royalties for streaming revenue from the past few years, which O’Day claims amounts to a mere few hundred dollars. However, there’s a significant catch: to access this money, artists must release Diddy from any claims, wrongdoings, or actions related to their work under Bad Boy.

Furthermore, O’Day explained that artists must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) promising never to disparage Diddy, Bad Boy, Janice Combs, Justin Combs, or affiliated companies in public. She highlighted the injustice by stating, “Diddy is just literally known as the guy that doesn’t pay his artists.” O’Day ultimately characterized the offer as “a few hundred dollars to sign away my rights to ever tell the story of what I went through again.”

O’Day’s revelations have not gone unnoticed within the music industry, as she has been reaching out to fellow Danity Kane members and advising them to reject the deal. She pointed out that the proposed agreement pales in comparison to the substantial earnings generated by their platinum albums. She expressed her desire for Diddy to not only fulfill his promises but also rectify past wrongs. O’Day’s critique offers a sobering perspective on the music industry’s complex dynamics and the often-unseen challenges faced by artists seeking fair compensation and creative freedom.

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