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Beachfront Drama: The Saga of Tina Knowles’ Texas Mansion


After nearly two decades of neglect, officials in Texas are gearing up to demolish a beachfront property on the Gulf of Mexico owned by none other than Tina Knowles, the mother of superstar Beyoncé.

Nestled in the affluent Pirate’s Beach enclave in Galveston, Knowles’ $1.4 million home has been a sore spot for the community since Hurricane Ike wreaked havoc on it back in 2008. Residents, like Richard D’Antoni, have described the deteriorating mansion as an “eyesore” that stands out for all the wrong reasons.

With its crumbling facade and precarious state, the house remains the only property directly on the sand, drawing attention for all the wrong reasons. Despite repeated calls for repairs from the City of Galveston, Knowles has failed to address the issues plaguing her seaside abode.

As concerns mount over the structural integrity of the property, fears of a potential collapse loom large. City officials have engaged Knowles in discussions about salvaging the home, even offering financial assistance to facilitate its relocation. However, with little progress to show, a demolition order may soon be on the horizon.

While neighbors had hoped for a resolution that would allow Knowles to remain part of the community, the lack of action on her part has left them with dwindling patience. Nevertheless, Tina’s recent spirited defense of her hometown, Galveston, in the face of disparaging remarks from Charles Barkley, has endeared her to locals.

Despite the contrasting narratives of neglect towards her home and fierce loyalty to her roots, Tina Knowles’ presence continues to spark conversations in the coastal paradise of Galveston.

Written by
Derek Chan


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