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Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Concert Film Hits Box Office, But Falls Short of Taylor Swift’s Spectacular ‘Eras’ Success


In the battle of the pop icons at the box office, Beyoncé is gearing up to claim the top spot this weekend with her latest concert film, ‘Renaissance.’ The Queen Bey had an impressive start, raking in $11.5 million between Thursday previews and Friday showings. Projections suggest a domestic total ranging from $20 to $24 million by Sunday.

While these figures mark a solid performance for a concert film, they pale in comparison to the spectacular success of Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ movie a few months ago. Swift’s film earned $39 million domestically between Thursday and Friday and went on to amass a staggering $92 million in its total opening weekend, with a worldwide gross now exceeding $250 million.

The unavoidable comparison arises not to pit the two megastars against each other but to highlight the undeniable impact of both Beyoncé and Taylor Swift on the entertainment landscape. Both artists released concert films within a short timeframe, drawing attention to their immense popularity. Despite the competitive nature of their fan bases, the artists have shown mutual support by attending each other’s premieres and posing together for the cameras.

AMC emerges as the ultimate winner in this star-studded showdown, having exclusively distributed both films. Opting to handle the distribution internally rather than relying on an external studio partner seems to be paying off handsomely for the theater chain.

In an unexpected turn of events, 2023 has seen Beyoncé and Taylor Swift dominating not only the music stage but also the big screen, showcasing the versatility and widespread appeal of these global icons.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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