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Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour Becomes Highest-Grossing Female Act Trek


Beyoncé has achieved another remarkable milestone in her illustrious career as her global Renaissance Tour continues to break records. Chart Data reports that Beyoncé has officially become the highest-grossing female act on tour, amassing over $450 million. This surpasses Madonna’s iconic Sticky & Sweet Tour, which earned $411 million, although it’s essential to note that Madonna’s tour took place in 2008-09, while Beyoncé’s tour has been running for only about three months since its kickoff on May 10 in Stockholm, Sweden.

With a few more months left before the tour concludes in October, this impressive figure is expected to rise further.

In addition to her record-breaking tour, the 41-year-old superstar is exploring her next creative venture. Reports suggest that Beyoncé and her company, Parkwood Entertainment, are actively pitching a visual album to studios and streaming platforms. However, there haven’t been any takers as of yet.

The film, directed by British filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen, is described as “artsy” and in line with Beyoncé’s previous visual albums, such as 2016’s “Lemonade” and 2020’s “Black Is King.” Sources indicate that it possesses a more unconventional and “weirder” style compared to her previous work, avoiding a Disney-fied approach.

Despite the album “Renaissance” being released in August 2022, no video content has emerged to date. Many fans had speculated about the existence of a visual offering, with Beyoncé’s team reportedly facing challenges in bringing it to fruition.

According to insiders, select studios and streaming platforms had the opportunity to review “Renaissance” between four and six months ago but opted not to pursue it further. The reasons for this decision are uncertain, with speculation centering on pricing and the potential for casual viewers to rewatch the content.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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