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Blac Chyna Faces Financial Struggles, Appeals to Tyga for Support Amid Custody Battle


Formerly known as Blac Chyna, Angela White has revealed that she’s selling her personal belongings to make ends meet and cover legal expenses amidst her custody battle with Tyga over their son, King.

Legal documents obtained by TMZ indicate that Angela has turned to selling her clothes, purses, and shoes through online consignment stores and to friends and family, generating over $178,000 this year. While this income has helped supplement her declining business sales, Angela acknowledges that it’s only a temporary solution, as she will eventually exhaust her personal items to sell.

With legal bills accumulating due to the custody dispute, Angela is requesting financial assistance from her rapper ex, Tyga. She claims that Tyga has been interfering with her limited visitation time, which is currently set at 24 hours a week.

Angela alleges that Tyga refuses direct communication, withholds contact information, and hasn’t provided her with King’s address. She also states that Tyga is keeping crucial information about their child’s health, safety, and welfare, including the location of King’s school and his prescriptions.

However, sources familiar with the situation have informed TMZ that Angela knows Tyga’s address, and he has been covering King’s private school tuition, medical expenses, and most daily living costs. Additionally, King has a direct line of communication with Angela.

Angela is seeking court orders to establish a consistent visitation schedule with King that Tyga cannot obstruct and is requesting $125,000 from Tyga to cover her legal and accounting fees.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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