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Blac Chyna Reflects on Healthy Co-Parenting with Rob Kardashian and Tyga, Emphasizing Children’s Well-Being


Blac Chyna, known by her birth name Angela Renée White, has opened up about her evolved co-parenting relationships with ex-partners Rob Kardashian and Tyga, highlighting the well-being of their children. The 35-year-old former reality star, who has often been candid about her experiences as a mother, discussed the positive strides she has made with her former flames in ensuring a harmonious upbringing for their kids.

Addressing her relationship with Kardashian, Chyna shared with ET, “I feel like with everything, time heals everything, and people change, and situations change.” Despite past challenges, both Chyna and Kardashian have navigated their differences to prioritize their six-year-old daughter, Dream. Chyna expressed her commitment to putting their child’s needs at the forefront, stating, “As long as my kids are good and happy on both sides, that’s all I care about as a parent.”

Chyna also emphasized her co-parenting dynamic with Tyga, with whom she shares a 10-year-old son named King. She lauded her children’s intelligence and common sense, confidently asserting that she doesn’t worry when they spend time with their other parent. This positive outlook reflects her dedication to fostering an environment where her kids can thrive emotionally and intellectually.

The model and entrepreneur responded to recent comments made by Khloe Kardashian, Rob’s older sister, who referred to herself as Dream’s “third parent.” Chyna understood the sentiment, acknowledging the close bond between Rob and Khloe. She noted, “So of course, Dream’s gonna be like [that] with True, you know what I mean?”

Chyna’s perspective on co-parenting has evolved over time, as evidenced by her past statements. In 2022, she took to Twitter to address challenges she faced as a mother, including giving up some of her cars due to financial constraints. Both Rob and Tyga engaged in a public discussion about child support payments in response to her tweet. While these discussions shed light on financial aspects, Chyna’s recent remarks highlight her broader commitment to the emotional well-being and development of her children.

The journey of co-parenting, as experienced by Chyna, underscores the complexities and growth that can arise from challenging circumstances. Her emphasis on open communication, shared responsibilities, and the happiness of her children serves as an example of mature co-parenting in the face of adversity. Chyna’s transformation from contentious relationships to a more positive co-parenting approach showcases the transformative power of time and the shared goal of nurturing a loving and supportive environment for their kids.

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