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Blac Chyna’s Finances Revealed Amid Custody Battle with Tyga


Blac Chyna’s financial situation has come to light amid a contentious custody dispute with her ex, Tyga, over their 11-year-old son, King Cairo. Court documents obtained by RadarOnline have shed light on Chyna’s monthly income, savings, and expenses, as she seeks financial assistance from Tyga to cover her legal costs.

The documents unveil that Chyna earned approximately $71,000 in September, with her typical monthly income averaging around $32,000. However, her savings are modest, with just $11,000 to her name. In contrast, she owns property worth $1.5 million. Chyna’s substantial expenses include a $22,000 monthly mortgage for her home, which includes $1,885 for the principal and $17,000 in interest, along with property taxes totaling $3,000.

The reality star faces various other monthly bills, such as $8,000 in healthcare expenses, $5,000 in childcare costs, $1,400 in utilities, and $850 on cell phone services. Additional expenditures consist of $3,800 on groceries, $1,529 on dining out, $3,200 on laundry and cleaning, $2,500 on clothing, and $2,000 on entertainment and vacations. Her auto expenses amount to $1,896, while she saves $271 monthly.

Her most significant monthly financial obligations include $24,000 for a loan and her American Express card. Chyna’s request for financial assistance from Tyga, who is also the father of her child, arises from their ongoing legal and physical custody battle. Tyga has recently sought sole custody of their son, and Chyna is pushing back to maintain her rights as a parent.

These developments follow Chyna’s revelations that she has resorted to selling her personal belongings to cover legal expenses as her custody battle continues. Chyna claims she has sold clothing, purses, and shoes to friends, family, and via online consignment stores to make ends meet. Her sales have brought in $178,000 this year, but Chyna anticipates this is only a temporary solution, and she may soon exhaust items to sell.

As the custody dispute escalates, Chyna’s financial situation takes center stage, reflecting the challenges she faces in providing the best for her child amid growing legal expenses.

Chyna’s journey from her past career to her current life, including recent transformations, such as finding religion, quitting OnlyFans, reversing plastic surgery, and sobriety, has been widely discussed in recent times. These personal changes add further complexity to her situation as she navigates the legal intricacies of her custody battle with Tyga.

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