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Blueface Claims Phone Was Stolen and Twitter Hacked Amid Controversy Over Son’s Photo


Rapper Blueface is distancing himself from a recent controversial incident in which a photo of his infant son’s genitals was posted from his social media account. Blueface now alleges that his phone was stolen, and his Twitter account was hacked, shifting the blame away from himself.

In response to the mounting criticism he faced, Blueface took to Twitter, asserting that his phone had been stolen, leading to unauthorized use of his Twitter account.

However, many remain skeptical about the validity of his new claim.

Earlier reports detailed a series of posts from the allegedly “hacked” account, including a lengthy rant about Blueface’s newborn son and his medical issues, notably an alleged hernia. The posts expressed frustration towards Chrisean Rock, the child’s mother, accusing her of neglecting the infant’s medical needs.

It’s worth noting that the so-called “hacked” account appeared to align with Blueface’s perspective on the matter, which is unusual in cases of hacking.

The controversy surrounding Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s family situation has been escalating since an incident in which she was seen improperly holding their child at a Walmart. The situation continues to worsen as time goes on.

The debate over potential legal consequences for Blueface’s posting of his child’s photo remains ongoing.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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