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Boosie Badazz Declines $250K Offer to Perform at LGBTQ Event: Sticking to His Principles1


Boosie Badazz recently turned down a lucrative offer of $250,000 to perform at an LGBTQ event. The Baton Rouge rapper, known for his strong convictions, emphasized that he would not compromise his beliefs for money, even if it meant declining opportunities related to LGBTQ matters.

During an interview on The Danza Project, Boosie expressed his gratitude towards his gay assistant, who handles his financial affairs. He stated that he trusts gay individuals more than others and appreciates their genuineness. However, he clarified that his refusal to perform at LGBTQ events is not indicative of hatred towards the community. Instead, it reflects his personal beliefs and values.

Boosie’s controversial remarks about Dwayne Wade’s daughter had a negative impact on his relationship with the LGBTQ community. Although he acknowledged that he could have expressed himself better, he maintained that he does not harbor any ill will towards anyone. He simply disagrees with certain aspects of their lifestyle.

The rapper’s unwavering stance on LGBTQ issues has resulted in missed opportunities, including a reality television show. Boosie attributed the cancellation of his show to his public feud with Lil Nas X and the controversy surrounding his comments about the LGBTQ community.

In conclusion, Boosie Badazz’s decision to decline the offer to perform at an LGBTQ event demonstrates his commitment to his principles and values. Despite the potential financial gain, he remains steadfast in his beliefs.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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