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Boosie Repossesses Daughter’s Car Following Child Support Dispute


In a public family dispute, Toriana Hatch, daughter of rapper Boosie Badazz, took to Instagram to express her frustration after her father repossessed the Mercedes Benz he had gifted her for her 16th birthday. Toriana’s mother had recently filed for child support, which apparently triggered the repossession.

According to Toriana’s Instagram Story posts, she criticized her father for not being a present figure in her life and for taking back the car when she left Atlanta to care for her mother, who had been involved in a serious car accident. Toriana alleged that Boosie intentionally gave her a car color she didn’t like and accused him of only caring about his image on social media.

In her Instagram posts, Toriana disowned Boosie, referring to him as a “sperm donor” rather than a father. She vented her frustration about his behavior, stating that she had repeatedly given him chances to be a dad, but he always disappointed her. Toriana emphasized that she did not want to be associated with him or labeled as “Boosie’s daughter,” expressing her anger towards him.

Boosie responded to his daughter’s accusations through an Instagram post, confirming that he indeed took back the car. He explained that Toriana’s mother had filed for child support following his recent arrest by federal agents in California. Boosie claimed that he had always taken care of his children and accused Toriana’s mother of controlling her mind and influencing her negative opinions about him.

The rapper further stated that Toriana’s mother had allowed a 19-year-old man to live with them when Toriana was just 15, suggesting a lack of guidance in their household. Boosie also criticized the timing of the child support filing, claiming it was a money-driven move. He concluded the post by stating his intention to donate the $80,000 Mercedes Benz to charity.

Boosie, who has eight children with five different mothers, has faced public scrutiny and legal challenges in the past regarding his personal and family matters. The public dispute between Boosie and his daughter has drawn attention, highlighting the complexities and tensions that can arise within families, especially when financial matters and support obligations come into play.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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